175cm (5ft 9') LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women - Tony
WM 175cm with #78 head2
WM 175cm with #78 head4
WM 175cm with #78 head10
WM 175cm with #78 head14
WM 175cm with #78 head15
WM 175cm with #78 head5
WM 175cm with #78 head6
WM 175cm with #78 head9
WM 175cm with #78 head12
WM 175cm with #78 head13
WM 175cm with #78 head16
WM 175cm with #78 head18
WM 175cm with #78 head21
WM 175cm with #78 head23
WM 175cm with #78 head24
WM 175cm with #78 head25
WM 175cm with #78 head26
WM 175cm with #78 head27
WM 175cm with #78 head29


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175cm (5ft 9') LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women - Tony

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Tony is a LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women made out of TPE. LifeSize Male Love doll for women and men. A sexy male body with ideal waist size and multiple penis sizes. 

Made of High-Quality TPE.

175cm (5ft 9") LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women with Head #78

- Height: 175cm | 5f 9 inch
- Full Bust: 86cm | 33.9 inch

- Waist: 77cm | 30.3 inch
- Hips: 97cm | 38.2 inch
- Weight: 56kg | 123.5 lbs.

- Penis Length: 19cm | 7.5 inch
- Penis Girth: 12.5cm | 5 inch
- Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.7 inch

  - Wrist Girth: 14cm | 5.5 inch
  - Upper Arm Girth: 30cm | 11.8 inch
  - Thigh Girth: 57cm | 22.4 inch

  - Calf Girth: 38cm | 15 inch

  • Manufactured by WM Dolls
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  • Free outfit included with every purchase



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