152cm (5ft) H-Cup Blonde Nordic Sex Doll - Maja
152cm Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
big boobs Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
Blonde Nordic Sex Doll - Maja
chubby Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
chubby curvy Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
curvy Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
fat ass Blonde Nordic Sex Doll
fat butt Blonde Nordic Sex Doll


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152cm (5ft) H-Cup Blonde Nordic Sex Doll - Maja

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Maja is a 152cm H-Cup Blonde Nordic Sex Doll with Big Tits. She may be fat, chubby, both, or neither.

Made of High-Quality TPE.

Generally speaking, anybody of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish (arguably) and Icelandic descent, but quite a few people from other northern European countries (including Latvia, Germany and some people in the UK) would consider themselves Nordics too. Nordics are stereotyped as having blond hair and blue eyes, and this is not too far from the truth. Another typical trait is their cheekbones or faces shape. For some, it is often seen as the same sort of idea as the Aryan race, and there are some neo-Nazi groups who are more specifically based on the idea of Nordic superiority.

152cm (5ft) H-Cup Blonde Nordic Sex Doll with Head # 179

- Height: 152cm | 5ft
- Cup Size: H-Cup
- Full Bust: 85.5cm | 33.6 inch
- Under Bust: 54cm | 21.2 inch
- Waist: 53cm | 20.8 inch
- Hips: 103CM | 40.5 inch
- Weight: 37kg | 81.6 lbs

- Vaginal Depth: 19cm | 7.5 inch
- Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.7 inch
- Oral Depth: 13cm | 5.1 inch

- Arm Lenght: 60.5cm | 23.8 inch
  - Shoulder Width: 37cm | 14.5 inch

  - Wrist Girth: 13cm | 5.1 inch
  - Upper Arm Girth: 22.5cm | 8.8 inch
- Leg Length: 70cm | 27.5 inch
  - Thigh Girth: 54cm | 21.2 inch

  - Calf Girth: 30cm | 11.8 inch
  - Ankle Girth: 19cm | 7.4 inch
- Foot: 20.5cm | 8 inch

  • Manufactured by WM Dolls
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  • Free outfit included with every purchase



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