My New Year Resolutions – Get a Sex Doll

Finally, it’s that time of the year when everybody is gathering an exceptional list of stuff they desire to have accomplished a time like this following year. I’ve every time made resolutions for the last 3+ years and while I can’t say that I always get them entirely done, I’m part of the 47% that sees however 80% of the list done. Not ruthless. Is it?

This year isn’t any different and I’ve already written my purposes down. However, my new year’s ideas are somehow different and a step ahead that I’ve been holding on for some period now. You might be asking why? Well, I’m planning to start the year with a boom by getting a real lifelike love doll to move older masturbation completely. Maybe a big step, but not very much impossible?

I’ve been a widower for near to a year now, and I’ve been pretty much depressed ever since I lost my partner. It’s been hard to encounter new people and keep a chat for me, which is why I think a lifesize sex doll will be a great walking stone. I’ve used masturbation sleeves before, but it’s time to go for the kill now.

Now that I’ve already given you a preview of my life, why not take you from end to end of my particular new year’s resolutions? I’ve learned to be truthful and three seems to be a good number for me. So, here are my resolutions for the year 2020;

  1. Purchasing a life-size sex doll
  2. Working out more
  3. Netflix & Chill

Purchasing A Life Size Sex Doll

Being something that I have anticipated for an extended time, I can’t wait to get a full-sized sex doll. Over the last few months, I’ve been exploring the materials, pricing, functionalities, among other faces, and I think I’m all set to own one. I don’t have much familiarity with sex dolls, and I plan to get going slow with a petite blonde and work my way up. I’ve seen videos on how to use sex dolls too and I have a coworker at work who’s been pampering me on the subject.
I want to get up next to her, haste home after work just to pass time with her, and make love till the sun goes down. Not anything crazy, just usual, calm life, Right? I also have a clue of the fantasy dresses and apparel that she’ll be wearing for different events. Every day will be a different occasion, obvious with a different outfit.

I’ve planned out a variety of accomplishments to keep us close and adoring every minute of the bond. Talk of going out for dates, go to see my closest friends and family, or even hosting them over at the house. Besides, I’m planning to facelift the backyard and create a perfect hub to ease and take more pictures together.
Life is all about recollections and making the most out of the position you’re in and I plan on doing just that. I’ve already acknowledged incredible spots too, in the landscape and I can’t pause to take her with me so we can delight in the experience together.

Working out More

Perhaps in everyone’s list, they want to start exercise but very few folks are prepared to stay devoted. I’m a victim of this one, but I plot on spinning things around this time by loving the routine. My incentive is to be fit enough to lift my new lovedoll and enjoy several positions at comfort. Quite some motivation. True?
I’ve formulated attainable goals and milestones and broken them down fine. The final goal is to lose 20 pounds, which I aim to loose within the first 4 months (five pounds a month). Moreover, I plan on gymnastics at night just before time to hit the sack, so I can enjoy a sleep tight after a warm shower.
I can’t wait to increase my swiftness, shed a little weight, and convert in better shape to enjoy my new sex doll well.

Netflix & Chill

Nothing knocks a good movie with the love of your life by your side. In my opinion, I love watching movies and it will be a desire to familiarize her with the principles. There’s a backyard mini-cinema that I put up early this year, and I can’t wait to trigger it. Approximately dim lights, a huge screen, a fireplace, and a comfy couch to recline. It sounds like a dream to me. Moreover, I want to spend as much quality time with her, and a good movie and a snack are a good recipe.
With the wide movie collection in the stock, I can only drool on what’s to come. Hey Netflix, you’re next! Binge-watching is almost getting a new sense.


And that’s it, people! Just a random guy, gossiping about his carvings and ideas for 2020. Getting a sex doll rests, a top priority and everything else only comes in to balance it. Physical exercise will give me the power and liveliness to enjoy my new love and making the most out of the experience. Once I get more in shape, more enlightened, and confident, why not multiply my collection?

It’s a new voyage for me, and I can’t wait to see how it drives.

Matt is a sexual wellness novelist whose always been an admirer of CSD. He composed a few months ago and we’re happy that our open discussions have given him a purpose to own a sex doll. CSD will be with Matt all the way through the expedition and you can be sure you too will not be left out of the involvement.

All the Best!

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