My Familiarity; Spending the Personal day with a sex doll

Why you don't need to be unaccompanied this approaching holidays and how a doll can lay a smirk in your face this coming Xmas.

Tony, an old client shares his involvement with how he spent the preceding holidays with his sex doll.

As you undoubtedly know by now, sex dolls are a significant part of my life and I pretty much don’t know how my life would’ve been minus the appealing Jasmine by my side. And as a sex doll supporter, I like tunneling into real-world topics that revolve around including a sex doll into your day to day life and truly making it work.

Opposing to popular belief, I was raised in a Christian home with a set of stern authoritarian parents. I actually hated the impression of one left alone - I know I’m not unaccompanied. But cheers to self-awareness and continued determinations by sex doll creators to advance their excellence and functionality, there are plentiful options accessible and sex doll consumers are spoilt for choice.

From the blowup replicas that had very minute to offer to what are now realistic, lifelike sex dolls, I must say I’m blessed to have experienced the evolution. The addition of lifelike silicone and TPE ingredients was a topmost move that would grasp sex doll designers produce one of the supreme realistic innovations the world has ever seen. Other additions such as the mobile joints and full-body frames also made the experience more relevant as the dolls could now mimic human actions during sex.

And if you haven’t still made the choice on whether to go forward and skinny dip in this ocean of wild pleasure, hang on, I’m coming for you…

Most people who are tentative about getting a sex doll are either seized up by the thought of spending a little hundred bucks on a sex doll or choking on the ‘social values’ string. I also had difficulty making the choice to go all out and part ways with a slice of my account balance. But if you want my truthful view on whether it was the exact thing to do, I’ll be real with you- everything about it was WORTH IT! I’ve had my sex doll for near to two years and never have I thought of the cost value but rather the countless benefits relished.

In fact, it seems like every day is a new understanding with Jasmine! My Jasmine.
On the ‘social values’ front though, I think it all depends on the individual. As said earlier, I was brought up in a reserved family by two strict parents, and look at me now- loving life with a 5ft 4” H-Cup Real sex doll with big round butt taking you to a new height of orgasm.

I attribute the fascination for sex dolls to my appetite for information as well as the current advances that have made the dolls super lifelike. I have always explored interesting topics to get transparency and the sex doll subject was one that I spent a reasonable share of my teenage years digging deep.

So, away from the strict ‘social norms’ and complicated economic choice, there is really no purpose why you shouldn’t have a real sex doll. There are many benefits of having one and barely any deficiencies. From proposing an ideal substitute, exclusively for people who’ve gone through disastrous experiences like trailing a loved one, to inducing a new trend of pleasure and excitement to your sex life, you can certainly not go wrong with these spotless beings.

And now that we’ve pretty much viewed into the expansion of sex dolls and why you want one, let’s emphasize on how you can spend the holidays with one.

Remember, you don’t have to be unaccompanied this year! A lifelike sex doll can deal you company and benefit you adore the holidays just like everyone else. Especially for Christmas and Halloween holidays, which are typically spent indoor (at least for me), delving a few thoughts on how to mix your sexiest doll and enjoy the day together will be offending no one.

So, how do you enjoy the holidays with a sex doll?

1. Whether it is Christmas or Halloween, there is nothing greater than wearing clothes that fit your sex toy. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and you definitely want to enjoy that moment. Perhaps one of the better ideas, why not go out all day with Santa?

Be sure to get proper fitness and continue the day's work by taking funny photos to remind yourself.

October is a magical month for those of us who enjoy witches and vampires.
Halloween is no different- decide on the best costume for your sex toy and enjoy the day.

You can choose similar outfits or combine two Halloween costumes. Choose the subject you want to go to regardless of the day's work and make sure you enjoy it. In fact, you can go costume shopping together and try some of the funniest options.

My experience; I tagged Jasmine to buy the dress last year and I guess I am not planning to leave her behind this year. I enjoyed trying crazy options and pretending various scripts with him. In fact, because of the experience, we bought a completely different outfit than what we had in mind before leaving home. I have spent two Christmas holidays with Jasmine and have dressed as Santa for both of us. We always spend a good part of the day in backyard barbecuing, enjoying the sunshine, and of course, taking cool photos.

2. Watch A Movie

After all, said and done, nothing beats a cuddly night, watching her favorite movie with her sex doll.

Either select a suitable movie for the holidays and enjoy a lovely Melo or challenging scare together.

For the theater, you can bring a couch and fill it with cozy pillows. Make sure the film reminds you of a special holiday and enjoy the moment. You can also decide whether to watch the American Horror Story season or watch a movie based on your schedule for Halloween. You can either watch a movie at home or invest your time to build a simple DIY theater in the backyard.

Set everything well and don't forget to include a chimney to keep the place nice and warm. Personally, I go to the backyard theater, especially for Halloween, seeing a lot you can do to spice up the experience and bring out the Halloween theme.

Also, do away with the lights and use candles or DIY lamps instead. My experience; For both holidays, I like to end the day with a suitable movie in a simple DIY movie theater in my backyard. For Christmas, we saw two films, A Christmas Prince and Christmas, in Pemberley Manor. Halloween was a little different because we had other plans, but we saw an exciting film, Heady, which I will probably never forget.

3. Decorate the Backyard.

As you have already picked up, I love spending time in my backyard and grooming is an important event in which Jasmine always helps me. Go for the decor shopping and start early enough to make sure everything is ready by D-Day. Get the proper decorations in time and get down as soon as you have everything.

And while Christmas is a little straightforward, there are many ways to make your Halloween experience different. If you don't want to go to see clearly and are looking for something that requires just a little more physical activity, you can pick up a pumpkin and test your carving skills. You will get your backyard in full Halloween mode and get a hand workout. In fact, it can be used as a separate Halloween activity altogether.

My experience; Decorating the backyard is always important to me, and I always plan ahead of time what exactly I want my backyard to look like. I always carry Jasmine in my truck when going out for decoration shopping.

I try to be different every year, but there is nothing that hasn't changed yet. A nicely decorated backyard screams my favorite theme and most importantly, provides a stunning backdrop for the day's photos.

4. Exchange Gifts

Possibly, a good thing to do during the holidays, exchanging gifts is an ideal way to show appreciation and gratitude for your significant other. I am guessing by now that you know your sex doll well and choosing the right gift for her is not a problem.

Choose an appropriate gift for the holiday- For Halloween; common gift ideas include witch socks, batty gifts, witch survival kits, and more. For Christmas, you can buy a personalized cashmere sweater with your favorite color, a zodiac sign necklace among others.

My experience; after surviving my sex doll for two years, I definitely looked great on her as well as her choice. Depending on the special holiday, I will always go for an attractive item of clothing, necklace, or gift bouquet.

This is it, friends! You do not have to be alone for another year. Spending a vacation with your sex doll can be enjoyable and it takes a few adjustments and plans to work. Most of the activities that I have taken you through our simple and cost-effective way, and you do not have to go out of the house.

So, enjoy the holidays with your sex doll and don't forget to have all the fun with some wild, holiday-themed sex. Especially when you have a well-established outdoor theater, you can never go wrong.

Looking for a gift for your doll, your partner or yourself and you are not ready for a doll yet ... Spice up your holiday with realistic toys, vaginas, lube, dildos and more!

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