How to Purchase SexDoll from CSD

Welcome to CitySexDolls or famously known as CSD.

We are always improving the shopping experience by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of customer interaction with our website. We aim to display the amazing sex dolls for the purchasers to select easily by browsing our product catalog.

We have designed and applied special protocols in our product page “Customization of your Sex Doll” to provide the simplest and best shopping experience you'll ever have while shopping for a love doll online. In addition to customization option, we have provided a link for the customers to see other available dolls with same specifications or with same head to get a better idea what their actual product will look like.

 The procedure to customize is really simple;

At the Top Menu – you will see option to select the Doll structure by Height, Breast Size or Body Type. Once you select any from the menu – all relevant dolls will be displayed. By looking at the pictures or short description, you can choose any doll and click to see further options.

At the product page – you will find most accurate dimensions for the doll which will make it easier for you to decide if you want to keep that body type.

Under the description, you will see links to see other Dolls with same Body Type or same Head with different body types. 

(This option gives you freedom to navigate easily between different dolls and compare them to find the best fit)

Once you have found your dream doll, now it’s the time to Customize your Doll for better experience and adaptability as per your standards.


On each product page, you will see following options to customize your doll:

  1. Selection of Head – Same or different (you can choose any)

  2. Eyes – you can select same or any from the available options

  3. Hair Type – Removable Wig or Implanted Hair

    1. If Implanted, it will ask following:
      1. Color of the implanted hair
      2. Length for implanted hair

    2. If Removable, it will ask:
      1. Hair Style
      2. Sensual Mouth selection – Yes or No

  4. Vagina – Fixed or Removable

  5. Breast Type – Hollow, Solid or Gel Implanted

  6. Skin Color – Select from the options

  7. Nipple Color – Select from the options

  8. Vagina Color – Select from the options

  9. Finger Nail Color – Select from the options

  10. Toenail color – Select from the options

  11. Removable Tongue – Yes or No

  12. Public Hair – Select from options

  13. Shoulder Options – Regular or Shrugging

  14. Hanging Hook – Yes or No

  15. Feet Option – Regular or Standing

  16. Packing & Storing – Regular or Flight Case

  17. Penis Insert – Yes or No

  18. Teeth & Tongue Kit – Yes or No


Once you have carefully checked all the options that seems appropriate and up to your required standard – you'll find the updated price of the doll and you can add the customized product to your cart. Price will vary depending on the doll custom options selected, as some features have an additional cost.


In the cart page, you will again see all the selected customization options that you have selected.

You can review the options and if you need to change any option, you can simply click on the “Configure Options” button. A pop up will appear and from there you can make the changes – this feature will ease up your doll search as you won’t have to go all the way back to start from scratch.

If you want to add any special instructions in addition to the customization, you are more than welcome to add the notes at the bottom of the page.

Click the checkbox to accept the Terms & Conditions and click “CHECKOUT”

If you have a discount coupon, now is the time to apply the coupon code on your way to check out before completing the payment.

Also at this step, you have to fill out your shipping address.

 After your order is completed and payment is submitted, a person from our order processing department will reach you via E-mail to confirm the details of the order and if you want to change anything at that point, you are welcome to reply to the order confirmation email.

After your email confirmation, we will send the order to the factory for manufacturing. At average, we take 20-25 days to manufacture a Love Doll. We will send you photos of your product for you to review before shipping and it takes around 5-10 days more to deliver the doll to your shipping address. We will provide you with a tracking number so you can keep track of your shipment.

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Once you receive your Love Companion - we would love to hear from you and to receive a review ;)
If you have any question during the shopping process please reach out to us and talk to our Doll Advisors through our live chat or email support.


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