How to choose a sex doll?

Sex doll: navigate the wide selection of options out there.

The acquisition of a doll can quickly be a headache, especially for a first-time buyer. Here’s a touch something to answer the foremost commonly asked questions on buying a sensible sex doll.

With numerous options now available online, how do I indeed choose one’s dream doll? What are the various elements to check? The traps to avoid? And at what budget? All our answers to assist you to see a touch clearer.

How to choose a sex doll?
Anyone researching the silicone love dolls market should know that there are currently 2 sorts of realistic dolls: silicone molded dolls and TPE dolls. the selection of the materials is important and depends on your budget and your preferences. We dedicate a piece of writing dedicated thereto topic, do ask it if needed: Silicone vs TPE.

Besides the fabric used, you ought to be ensured that the interior metal skeleton of the doll is of quality, modern and resistant. The high-quality skeleton guarantees the realism of the sexy postures of your sex doll, the various joints bring back life a silicone doll for your pleasure.

What allows a silicone sex doll?
The right budget depends totally on the fabric used. For a true doll in high-quality silicone, the budget can easily reach 8,000 to 10,000 dollars while a budget doll in TPE may cost but 2000 dollars. Note that whichever sort of material you select, you'll tend the prospect to customize your love doll: choice of complexion, eyes, wig, accessories and for a few more advanced dolls, interactive functions.

Once you've got answered his preliminary two questions (material and budget), you'll then proceed with the selection of model: its body and face.

Which model of a silicone sex doll is best for you?
At first glance, the selection of the face of your doll could seem to be the apparent priority. We advise you otherwise. Indeed, before locking yourself on the selection of a reasonable face, you would like to remember that every model features a removable head and thus replaceable. And within the case of TPE dolls, for instance, alternative heads are available for a couple of hundreds of dollars (300 to 500). You will, therefore, be ready to switch heads if you opt. the selection of the body must, therefore, be your first priority.

The choice of body and measurements of your doll
The good news is that there are a plethora of silicone and TPE love dolls with a good range of sizes within the market. The bad news is that too many options don’t simplify decision-making.

The height of dolls starts from 140 cm to around 170 cm with various sizes of breasts, hips, buttocks options. the selection of the proper doll will depend upon your ability to open up to your fantasies and to picture yourself with the doll of the dreamed body size. When unsure, don't hesitate to contact your dealer and skim the various reviews available online to validate the simplest choice for you. the acquisition of a silicone doll is an investment over time, every detail counts from the selection of complexion (pale, European or tanned) to the color of nail enamel.

The choice of the face of your doll.
As mentioned above, the selection of the face is often made independently of the body. Your personal preferences here matter, just make sure that if you opt to modify heads that the complexion of the face of your sexy doll matches the complexion of the body you'd have chosen. Body and Head complexion are customizable.

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