Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?

Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?

In Canada, the sale and use of sex dolls are legal altogether of the provinces. the solely prohibited sex dolls are people who depict prepubescent children in terms of size and physical features.

Note: This shouldn't be considered actual legal advice. Please consult a legal professional in Canada for legal advice. We speak only anecdotally from our own previous experience.

If you'll remember well, the famous 2017 case involving Kenneth Harrison getting arrested for a toddler sex doll, happened in Canada. Harrison, an electrician from St, John’s was arraigned in court on charges of being in possession of kid pornography and mailing explicit matter. The said prepubescent doll was on its thanks to St. John’s from Japan in 2013 when the Border Services Agency intercepted it. Harrison was also charged with smuggling and possession of illegal goods. The psychiatrist on the case greatly condemned the utilization of prepubescent child-size sex dolls terming it as anatomically incorrect and a good promoter of pedophilia culture.

The famous Kenneth Harrison case enlightens on the seriousness of using childlike sex dolls. Trust me, this may happen to you after you be the hands of unlicensed sex doll dealers that don't conform to the international legal and health guidelines. Actually, a variety of unsuspecting customers are scammed into buying a low-quality sex doll. You don’t want this to happen to you. Do you? Well, CitySexDolls got you.

All the sex dolls that we sell are legal in Canada and really safe to use. irrespective of their shapes and sizes, the pleasure dolls conform to the set international health and legal guidelines. Having the customer’s interest in our heart, all our products are designed to confirm that you simply enjoy them to the most.

Here at CitySexDolls we value our clients and are committed to providing the simplest of service. the amount between you ordering your preferred sex doll and getting it's normally 2-3 weeks. this point is largely for production and shipping. Additionally, we purchase all the shipping costs and you don’t should incur extra costs. The packaging is finished during a discrete manner using unlabeled material to confirm privacy.

The legality of sex dolls in Canada is definitely important considering the various benefits that sex dolls have. Sex dolls are an incredible alternative and perfect thanks to coming from a horrible or terrifying experience during a relationship. These magical dolls are a good thanks to boosting your sex life along with your partner without necessarily cheating on them. Amazingly, the sex doll can even act as a step towards moving into the dating world; you'll use the doll to find out of the way to eventually treat your partner afterward during a relationship.

The numerous designs are meant to satisfy the taste and preference of the vast market and which has fueled the acceptance of those pleasure gods globally. the very fact that a sex doll remains as a virgin until the day you buy her makes them even more amazing. The sex doll is unquestionably a safer alternative for sex as compared to escorts and you don’t should consider Sexually Transmitted Infections or unwanted pregnancies (that’s a good plus). Additionally, sex dolls lack emotions and personality making them completely submissive and undistracted.

Check out our sex doll collection here and get yourself your dream sex doll and luxuriate in value for your money. All our dolls are legal and meet the protection requirements. The dolls are tested and can never get to you if they are doing not meet the standard assurance tests. we've got numerous sex dolls that are all available for you and our professionals will guide you in choosing the right doll for you (one that matches your needs). Just hit us up with a message on online chat or email us at and one of our representatives will revisit to you in no time.

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